How To Really Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

There are dozens of ways to make money online. You can sell your goods thru eBay, join multi-level-marketing programs, etc., but what I will be talking about here and in the future posts are the most popular ways of making money.

1) Affiliate marketing, 2) Adsense, and 3) Creating your own products. These are the 3 most popular ways of making money online. And these are also what I am familiar with. I will lay-out the details of each of these ways.

Let’s start first with Affiliate Marketing. You know that it is simply a method of promoting other people’s product or service and that you get rewarded or paid if someone buys the product or service. Simple?

If you are just starting out your internet business, you might say yes, it’s simple, I’ll just find a product then promote it to as many people as I can. But if you’ve been online for quite a while, you know that it is not that easy. I’ll give you the system here to shorten your learning curve. Oh! You could buy eBook after eBook (I’ve done that!) and still don’t get it right because it’s been kept secret, I mean, it’s not explicitly laid out by the Gurus.

Ok. Let’s begin with what is required to start your affiliate marketing money making system running successfully. You need to have the following:

  1. Autoresponders
  2. Special Reports
  3. Affiliate Programs
  4. MiniSites or Blogs

An autoresponder allows a person to request information about your product or service via email. You can promote your business with it. You can deliver information that will increase your sales & shortens the sales process. You can build client loyalty with it. All done automatically and 24/7 without you lifting a finger if done right from the start. Aweber and Getresponse are a couple of great autoresponder services I could recommend.

Special Reports are either in Microsoft Word documents or in Adobe PDF format. I prefer PDF special reports for some reasons and security is one of them. You can secure a PDF document better than a Word document.

Affiliate Programs – you sign up with the owners and they pay you after every sale of the product or service you are promoting.

Minisites or Blogs are where you send your prospects. You need to have this for your long-term success. You may have heard of an internet business without a website, Yes it’s true but I would not recommend that. If you want a long-term internet business success you’ve got to have a website.

Well those are the guts of the successful affiliate marketing system. For you to succeed with affiliate marketing, you’ve got to have these four things.

In my next post I’ll layout the step by step process in implementing the system. Hang-on and you will be successful with affiliate marketing!

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