6 Steps to Money Making Affiliate Marketing

In my previous post I left with the 4 things you must have in order to succeed with affiliate marketing. Now, I will hold your hand and guide you step by step towards affiliate marketing success. Each step is huge subject by itself, so today I’ll just identify the steps that you will take but don’t worry, in my succeeding posts I will slice them down into chewable bits so as not to suffocate your mind.

Step 1: Start With a lucrative Market. Finance market, health market, self-improvement market, etc..

Step 2: Look for affiliate programs with the hottest products in that market you have chosen.

Step 3: Make a series of follow-up messages or information related to that market and load them into your autoresponder. The messages can be original content you write or if you’re not endowed with that skill have them written by somebody. You can also get private-label-rights (PLR) articles and fashioned them to suit you needs. You need to have at least a year of continuous messages loaded into your autoresponder. Wow! Tons of email messages there – you might say. Yes, at least a year of messages. How many? It depends on your writing skill but I would say you send a message each and every week. So that brings the total of 52 messages into your autoresponder.

Step 4: Create a special report. I would suggest a report in PDF format. What’s the content? An interesting topic in the market you have chosen. You can use PLR articles, edit them, then convert into PDF. The special report could be as short as 3 pages and as long as you like. Don’t make it so huge that it gets you burdened.

Step 5: Start creating your mini sites, blogs with email capture forms, or squeeze page as you might like to call it. Now this email capture form should have an attractive image of the report (step 4) you will be giving away. The purpose of this minisite, blog or squeeze page is to have people subscribe to your follow-up series or newsletter.

Step 6: Now start driving traffic to your minisite, blog or squeeze page. Be totally passionate about getting those email catcher forms up everywhere you can think of. The more people sign up to your newsletter, the more shocking your profits will be.

Well, there you are, 6 powerful steps to take towards outrageous affiliate profits. Look out for the upcoming posts at www.grandstart.com as I will slice each of these steps into minute details (no holding back!)


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