How To Find A Profitable Market

Money Making Affiliate Marketing – Step 1

Step 1: Start With a lucrative Market.

A lot of people say that you start with what you love, with what you are passionate about. Well, that would be great if what you are passionate about is also profitable. An example would be Steve Pavlina who is into personal development. He is passionate about it and he writes pretty well on that particular subject. And personal development is one of the never dying markets. Since the beginning of time man has been relentlessly pursuing personal improvement.

When I started my internet business, I simply would jump for a topic which I thought would be profitable. Not doing the necessary research, it would simply end in frustration as the expected hundreds of dollars pouring in would not come.

Oh, if you are new, there is also the tendency to focus on and spending hours and hours on the non essentials and less significant things like websites, technology, email & other marketing techno-jargon we are fed with daily from the Gurus who are selling their latest wares. I’m not saying that they are not important, what I’m saying is work first on finding what your lucrative market is.

So we should start with a lucrative market. Now what is a lucrative market? We can say that it is lucrative if it meets the following:

1. High Demand – the more people searching for information on that particular area you are entering, the better for you.

2. Low Competition – as much as possible select topics or areas where there is not much competition. The battle would be quite fierce if there are more competitors especially if they are well entrenched and large.

3. People are Bidding on the keywords – The more people are willing to pay, the more profitable is the market. You can check out with Google if there are advertisers. Just look at the right side of the Google search results when you are searching for something.

Now how do we find these profitable markets? I have identified below some good places to start with:

1. Bookstores. Go to your favorite bookstores and observe what people are reading at the magazine section. Boating, Cars, Scrap booking, Chicken Recipes, Cell Phones, etc. are just some of them.

2. Amazon. Go to Amazon Magazines & Newspapers. This page of Amazon gives you information on popular newspapers and magazines.

3. Ehow. You can try Ehow. How-to topics are among the most popular and profitable. Ehow will be a massive source of information.

4. Meet-up. This is an excellent source of profitable topics. The website is telling you exactly what topics are hot and what are going to be hot.

5. Hobbies List. A list of popular hobbies.

6. Wikipedia. This online giant has almost everything you want when it comes to information.

7. MyGoals. People are always looking for something to improve themselves.

These are just some of the places where you can start looking for profitable markets. In my succeeding posts, I’ll show you exactly how to drill down and find lucrative niches by using some of the free keyword tools.


  1. I just wanted to say that I agree with your first point. I was lucky enough to start on a merket I loved and that was also reasonably profitable. Time has passed and I know now that if you want to succeed on the net, you need to do old marketing: find a market, segment it, position, design products, promote…

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