How To Choose A Profitable Product

Money-Making Affiliate Marketing Step 2

Step 2: Look for affiliate programs with the hottest products in that market you have chosen.

To make money easily, don’t reinvent the wheel, so they say. To find hot products that sell online, we need to recognize what people already want to buy or are already buying. At Clickbank (you’ll see later in this post), we can easily see which products are hot and are selling fast.

But what if the product is brand new? Well, one thing you will have to observe is the sales letter. The sales letter should be convincing enough to get people to buy the product. If you were the customer, ask yourself if you would buy the product after reading the sales letter. The sales letter should also have testimonials to be more convincing.

Also, you should look if the sales letter has a money-back guarantee for the product being sold. If the website doesn’t offer this, then think again.

A vital factor is to have the contact information in the website like the physical address and the phone number, this will add more credibility to the site and thus increase the sales.

Now let’s try looking for affiliate programs with hot products.

The most popular place to look for affiliate programs with the hottest products to sell is the Clickbank Marketplace. There is also Commission Junction and Allan Gardyne’s Associate Programs.

If you don’t find the product related to the lucrative market you have chosen, go to Google and type the product plus the phrase “Affiliate Programs”. For example if you are looking for golf bags, then type: golf bags “affiliate programs”.

Now let’s try Clickbank and look for a hot product.


Let’s say you’ve chosen Golf as your market and you will be looking for hot products at Clickbank to promote.

1. Choose Sports & Recreation in the dropdown menu of the Category.
2. Chose the Subcategory: Golf
3. Keywords: Golf
4. The sort by: High Gravity


The ebook product that came in first in your search is “The Simple Golf Swing”. It has the following information:

$/sale: $30.06 | %/sale: 75.0% | %refd: 53.0% | grav: 60.87

You should look for products with a high grav and a high %refd. The grav: stands for how popular the product has been lately, the higher the grav the better. The %refd stands for how many sales were referred from affiliates, so the higher this figure is the better.

The commission you’ll get for every sale of this product is a whooping 75% which would translate to more than $30 per sale.

Looking from these figures, you can easily determine if the product you will be promoting will be profitable for you.


  1. Brian,Thanks for your comment. The sytsem that I used was tailor made to building a downline in the MLM companies that I joined at the time. The principles in it, however, can be applied to any list building sytsem.More importantly, though, I’ve learned better leveraging techniques since then, as well as better traffic building techniques to feed the list.On that note, I’ll be testing an updated list building sytsem in the near future. Check back here for a post on it and how you might be able to participate.Kurt

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