How To Use The Autoresponder To Make Money Online

Money-Making Affiliate Marketing Step 3

Step 3: Make a series of follow-up messages or information related to that market and load them into your autoresponder.

Now, roll-up your sleeves as this will be a bit of work.

The follow-up messages can be your original content or written by somebody you hired.,, are among the places to look for people to write your messages or articles. For me, I went to a local college and posted my ad looking for writers. I got cheaper rates.

Writing the content yourself could drain an enormous amount of time and energy and would leave you less productive. Instead focus on the big picture, doing the strategies I have mentioned.

If you can’t find writers fast, then do it yourself. Quickly. How? PLR articles and eBooks. Have you used the Private-Label-Rights (PLR) articles and eBooks sitting in your hard drive? If not, now is the time. Rewrite them, chop them, and then load them into your autoresponder (I’ll discuss this in a little while).

You should have at least a year of continuous messages loaded into your autoresponder. If you plan to send a message every week, which I think would be just fine, then load 52 messages. After the last message or message number 52, the autoresponder would send message number 1 again, then message 2, and so on. So for two years, your prospect gets your email messages. Email marketing at work!

Email marketing is sending your related marketing messages to a list of subscribers who have consented to do so. Now once people sign-up, they will continually receive the email messages you have earlier preloaded into the autoresponder. Your newsletter provides the information people want.

If you look at Step 5, it says that you have to make a site with an email capture form. The purpose is to capture subscribers to your newsletter. See the connection? And once they are in your list, the autoresponder automatically sends them messages at a predetermined time and sequence. The messages contain your affiliate links. Remember step 2? You signed up with an affiliate program selling the hot product of your chosen market. You were provided with an affiliate link during that sign-up.

Every message has your affiliate links. 52 messages with affiliate links. With an autoresponder, you can also broadcast, special messages (of course with your affiliate links) from other products.

As we can see here, the autoresponder is one of the most important parts of your money making affiliate system. Set it up correctly and it works 24/7, making money for you. That is why you have to choose the best autoresponder out there.

I only have two to recommend: Aweber and Getresponse. Both have trial periods. The Getresponse free account embeds other people’s affiliates in your messages. So there’s the danger that instead of clicking your affiliate link, the other link will be clicked. But it’s a good start to just get a feel of how autoresponders work. Aweber and Getresponse are the best!

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