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Money-Making Affiliate Marketing Step 4

Step 4: Create a special report.

If you’ve been to the internet even for a couple of months, you should have noticed the hundreds of websites offering those free reports. The question is why should anybody go spend the time creating those reports and just give them away for free? Why not just sell them and make money right away?

The free report is to be given away in exchange of the names and email addresses of the visitors to your website. The report should be important in the eyes of your website visitors for them to leave their names and email address.

Free reports are used as enticement to persuade people to join a mailing list. Once they are in the mailing list, they will be continually sent messages containing information about your affiliate products.

Consider this, if you do not have an information capture mechanism in your website you are losing the opportunity to sell again and again to these people. Now how much more if these visitors don’t buy at the first visit of your website? They will be gone forever. No assurance if they will come back.

But if you have their names and email addresses, you can develop a relationship with them by sending them the relevant information you have pre-loaded in your autoresponder. And experience tells us that most people don’t buy from people they don’t trust. By having them in your mailing list and communicating with them every now and then you develop trust. See the point?

Now how do you create these free reports?

1. First, is of course the topic. You select a topic that is directly related to the subject matter of your website. Think of the people that you will give your free report. Will they be interested in getting the information contained in your free report?

Choose a broad topic first and then narrow it down to a particular point. Once you have established a topic for your free report, collect information that is related to this topic. No problem here. Google is to the rescue. Filter these results from Google then consolidate the information.

2.The second step in writing your free report is the outline. The outline organizes the report and gives you form. Since you need to write your report quickly (Man, you need to write many reports if you plan to make big bucks), limit your outline to three main points. Now that you have your consolidated information and outline, type these into a five to seven page report.

Well, if the above is plenty of work for you, try this second way of creating your report:

PLR or Private Label Rights. PLR will take the burden out from you. Open those PLR eBooks sitting in your hard drive and start tinkering with them. If you don’t have PLR eBooks and articles, why not become a member in one of these sites offering PLR information. Becoming a member of these sites in not expensive and they give you access to tons of PLR materials that are ready to use,

But remember you still need to rewrite these PLR articles and eBooks. The good thing is that the information in these materials are pretty organized. If rewriting the material is still a challenge for you, then why not use a software that will rewrite the materials? There are some available already.

When rewriting PLR materials, always check the accuracy of the materials, facts, figures, go double check them, some might be outdated. Also take note of the terms and conditions stated in the PLR materials. Some might require a full rewrite. In these cases, just take the ideas and fashion them into your own style.

If you are still burdened by writing the report yourself even with using PLR materials, then hire somebody to write them for you. Get a good ghostwriter. Provide him with the topic and the items you would want to be included in the report. Again, you can go to,, or anybody capable of writing reports well.

The ghostwriter is doing the work for you. After paying him, the report belongs to you. You can put your name in it as the author.

Now that you have the report, format it or convert it into a PDF document. If you don’t have the expensive Adobe software, download a free PDF maker at

Formatting it to a PDF document would insure that it won’t be tampered or edited easily. Microsoft Word documents are easier to edit even if it is password protected. PDF’s, however, are a step higher. So make sure your report is formatted in such a way.

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  1. If you have got good PLR articles than you can sulery use them. But rite now Squidoo are very strict and I am sure they will be on their toes for few months, so I do not think that using PLR at there is good idea.They can banned you.

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