The Squeeze Page That Makes Money

Money-Making Affiliate Marketing Step 5

Step 5: Start creating your mini sites, blogs and landing pages.

All of these sites that you create should have email capture forms.These are sites made solely to capture visitor contact information. Many folks call them squeeze pages.

What is a squeeze page? It is a page created to get names and email addresses of website visitors. Others call it the landing page or lead capture page. The main purpose of a squeeze page is to capture leads so don’t try to give your visitors too many options. A squeeze page has an opt-in form. This is some sort of a box where your visitors type their names and addresses.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of a squeeze page. Successful marketers use these. Do not ever attempt to drive traffic directly to an affiliate website without having to get at least their names and email addresses. Remember, if you don’t get their contact info at the moment of their visit, you will lose them forever and you cannot sell them again and again.

I had this painful lesson myself on my first affiliate product. I drove traffic to a site that I created solely for an affiliate product. I wrote a short copy and at the bottom of the page is the link to the product’s sales letter. There was no opt-in form or whatever to collect visitor information. The conversion was 3% and I was quite happy with it. In a little while, the product dried up, I had to start from scratch again with a different affiliate product.

What a loss! If I captured 60% (rate for a very effective squeeze page) of those visitors, that would total 600 every month since that site then was averaging 1000 visitors per month. Multiply that with just 6 months. See? 3600 subscribers I could have sent offers again and again.

Now, here’s what I do to my squeeze page for my money making affiliate marketing: I drive traffic to the squeeze page. Once the visitor arrives he immediately notices the subscription box with the free report (remember step 4?) I am giving away. The visitor has only two decisions to make (actually 4 if you include the back button and the close [x] button at the upper right edge of the browser :>) ). Either he 1)subscribes or 2)click the link which will lead him to the affiliate product I am offering (I make the font of this link relatively smaller so he would rather subscribe).

But because I have a very very compelling free report, in all probability, the visitor will sign up in the form I have provided. Clicking the subscribe button in the opt-in form will re-route him to the affiliate site which will do the selling. Simple? Yes.

Remember that the squeeze page is tied up with the autoresponder (Step 3). When you start configuring this, go to your autoresponder website and get the code. This code will take care of the sign-up and the rerouting thing.

If you plan to drive traffic through the search engines, you should put some articles or texts with the keywords or phrases within that niche so that the search engines can pick them up. If you plan to bring visitors through pay per click (PPC) like adwords,, another fine tuning for your squeeze page or minisite is done to fit the keywords you are buying.

Also remember that this email capture form should have an attractive image of the free report you will be giving away. A picture is still worth a thousand words! And it drives people’s emotions.

And always bear in mind that the purpose of the minisite, blog or squeeze page you will be creating is to have people subscribe to your follow-up series or newsletter.

Did I tell you to make dozens of these minisites, blogs and squeeze pages? Yes, make dozens of these. If you’ve been to adsense, you know that in order to make money with adsense, you’ve got to have dozens of adsense sites. Now, I tell you, if you want to make money with affiliate marketing you’ve got to have dozens of these minisites, blogs and squeeze pages.

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