How Many Affiliate Programs To Make Money From Home?

I was often asked by my lists how many affiliate programs should one promote in order to make money from home. Well, if you follow the steps I laid out in the series, I would say 25-30 affiliate programs.

Too many?

Your chance of success as an affiliate marketer is dramatically improved if you join many affiliate programs. Many but not too many. I would say it’s too many if it gets your life miserable. 25-30 affiliate programs would be too many if they do not run on auto-pilot. In the steps mentioned in my previous posts, I have always focused on automating the tasks to make life easier.

I’m in for multiple streams of income. If one stream dries out, there’s another stream available, and another stream, and another stream. If you’re relying on your job as the only source of income, have you imagined what happens if you get fired? If your company closes down?

The same holds true with affiliate marketing, if you have one or two affiliate programs which might be earning right now and is the source of your income, you are extremely at risk. You must have multiple streams of affiliate income.

If I have one affiliate program which puts $150 on my pocket every month, I will just have to duplicate this twenty or thirty times in different niches to earn a decent residual income. That would be almost $5000 in automatic monthly income.
Now how do you do this? Simply explore different niches, determine demand and competition, look for their affiliate programs, sign-up then follow on with steps 3 to 6.

There are loads of niches and products to choose from. Did you try to look at Amazon Magazines & Newspapers, Hobbies List and the resources I mentioned in Step 1? Include Yahoo Shopping in that list, Ebay product categories and Pricerunner.

Now look at these products: video games, DVD box, personal computer hardware, car accessories, jewelry, furniture, sporting goods, camping equipment, magazine subscriptions, posters, fitness equipment. If you’d rather stick to digital products, the health and personal development market is a huge huge one.

Can you now get 25 affiliate programs? Build a short list of 10-20 products first. Look first for those which are fairly expensive ($50-$200) as these give you higher commissions.

In the next post, we will explore the use of keyword tools to determine demand and profitability of our chosen products.

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