Use This Keyword Tool To Find Profitable Markets

Let’s expand on Step 1 – Finding Profitable Markets and Niches. There are quick and easy ways to find your profitable niche. We’ll look into the use of some keyword tools.

There are dozens of keyword tools available in the market. I use some of the free tools below:

  1. Wordtracker
  2. Keyword Discovery
  3. Google Suggest
  4. Google Keyword External

What I’m using right now is also an excellent one:

Keyword Research Tool  (sorry, the outgoing link is no longer working)

This tool allows you to see how many searches were done for a particular keyword and the number of competing sites. Remember that to be profitable, the market or demand should be big enough and not many competitors.

Let’s try to look for profitable niches. Let’s have “golf” as our main subject. Since people who are looking for information in the internet almost always go to search engines to start their search, it is very important then that you would take note of the keywords that they type into the search box.

Here’s the result when I typed the keyword “golf” in the keyword research tool (sorry, the outgoing link is no longer working) 

keyword research tool

Gosh! 346 million competing pages for the word golf which has 78,000 monthly search. I would surely shy away from this keyword. How about “golf cart accessory”? Wow! With 80,969 monthly search and only 68,300 competing pages, I’ll surely put this on my short-list.

“sporting goods golf club” has only 744 competing pages and 40,00 searches! Amazing. You also have “golf driving range” with 507,00 competing pages and 30,297 searches. See how useful this keyword tool is? You could go on further down the list but be sure also to check the volume of searches as the niche might not be profitable if the demand is very low.

The results were based on Google. If you’ll try this tool, just make sure you put the ” ” in the keywords you will type. The results are based on optimized and exact keywords. That is, “golf cart” is different from “cart golf”

Knowing the demand and competition is your first step to make money online.


    1. OK It depends on what you are using the PBR (phrase to broad match) meitrc for.You should use PBR in conjunction with SEOT. Because if SEOT is 2000 a day and PBR is only 30% you are still looking at 600 phrase searches a day which might be better than going for a phrase which only gets 10 searches a day and PBR is 100%.Note: instead of calculating this you can actually set the Match Type to = Phrase or Exact and then sort the data by SEOT. Market Samurai pulls back all this info.

  1. Charona / May 20, 2009 I do not care about keyword. They will send you ads revalent to your content. I think the price of the PPC has a relation shift to territory. Some region has high PPC and some don’t. Perhaps you’d to say where I khow about it. Okay I currently use Google Adword to make traffic to my website (it’s not my blog) and targetting people for Indonesia’s territory. I only bit from $0.01 to $0.02 for single click. And the ad may appear on your blog and when someone make a click on my ad they will charge me max $0.02 and sure they will not pay you more than $0.02. This will difference if somebody from Europe do click ad in your blog. You may get $5 or more.

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