Avoid Failure – Set These Things First Before You Drive Traffic To Your Site

Before we go into the “driving traffic” details, let me summarize the things that should be in place before you start sending visitors to your website.

Successful internet marketers have a system running. Without a system, you will simply be jumping from ebook to ebook, opportunity to opportunity without truly getting real success.

So get these things in place first before driving traffic:

  1. Autoresponders
  2. Special Reports
  3. Affiliate Programs
  4. MiniSites or Blogs

These are the guts of the system. If you want to make money from home (some say working with your pajamas!), put up the system first.

The reason behind the system is that majority of the targeted first time visitors going to you website will not buy. They went to your site to look for information. And that is what you are going to give them. Information. So you have the free special reports ready.

In exchange for the free ebook or special report you will give to the targeted first time visitors, they provide you their contact information or email address. They will sign up for your newsletter and get the special report. In doing so, they become your subscriber.

And when he is in your subscribers list, you now have the gazillion opportunities to pre-sell, sell, refer dozens of affiliate products you think they might be interested with. That is where the money comes in.

This is how the gurus are doing it.

That is why the mantra is: “the money is in the list”

The late Corey Rudl once said that if any of his employees would run away bringing his “list” he would sue them for $25 million. Corey has thousands of subscribers in his list.

So, I’ll have to repeat this here: Never ever send visitors to your site without the email catcher form ready!

Consider the statistics: Only 2-5% of the targeted first-time website visitors buy. On the other hand 20-30% of the targeted first-time website visitors subscribe to your newsletter and get the free report.

If you start sending traffic to your website without this system in place you will fail. Quite hard, but it’s the truth.

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