Do You Know This Site Which Drove Hundreds Of Visitors To My Blog?

As a watchful internet marketer, I am blown away by the dramatic changes in the internet that are taking place right before our eyes. I’m talking in particular about traffic generation.

It’s not the traffic generation as we know it anymore. Two years ago, I built a website about a popular niche. After a week, I viewed my stats and was saddened to see only a handful of visitors. But today, I can build a website and in less than an hour attract dozens and dozens of visitors. No, it does not cost you anything. The traffic is free.

Web 2.0 – they call it. The talk about Web 2.0 has flooded the internet recently. You can go to and search about this O’Reilly invented term.

One of these Web 2.0 sites which gave me hundreds of visitors is Now go to mybloglog and get and account. It’s free. Once signed up they will give you a code to paste to your blog.

Ok? How does this site give me traffic? And tons of traffic?

Did you notice those tiny little pictures on the right side of this blog? They’re called avatars. Did you remember that mybloglog requested to upload your picture when you signed up?

The picture you uploaded will appear in every blog that you will visit. Most avatars are pictures of the blog owners. A few avatars are plain cartoon characters and some are simple graphics creations -some funny and some yucky!


The pictures appearing in the avatar grid have links to the site of the owners. Try clicking one of those and you’ll get transported to their mybloglog site. Do you know where I’m heading?

Every time you visit a blog which has a mybloglog avatar grid, your picture gets posted. And imagine if that blog gets thousands of visitors – there is a potential to get an enormous amount of traffic surging to your site when they click your avatar!

And what if everyday you browse hundreds of blogs with avatar grids? See the potential of mybloglog ?

Now here’s a great tip to get more people clicking your avatar: Make your avatar a stand-out! If there are 20 or 30 pictures out there, would your picture be picked out?

Make your avatar tempting. It could be cute baby, a hilarious picture, your pet dragon or whatever you think that would distinguish yourself among the crowd. But please no porn.

Now get moving! Sign-up with and be ready with the traffic stampede.

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