Tighten Your Page And Get 20-30% Adsense CTR

Tighten your page and make money online. Remember the equation I showed in my previous post? “Traffic + Conversion = Money”. In order to make money your website should convert the traffic that it gets. And one of the most popular ways to do this is through Adsense.

Adsense is Google’s contextual advertising program where websites show ads from Google’s roll of advertisers. It has been here for quite some time now and tons of eBooks have been written about it, not to mention the mp3’s and videos and seminars. So let’s not waste bandwidth by explaining it again in this post.

I have tried many of the tips shared by the Adsense Gurus. Among them are the right format (336×280 large rectangle), positioning of the ads, heat map, the font colors of the link, url and text, etc. But none beats
tighten your page”.

Tighten your page – I just coined this phrase. I discovered this technique while experimenting which of the adsense tips mentioned above work well. The technique simply means to limit the options of the visitors and control his eyesight travel. You can do this by following these 3 steps:

1. Remove unnecessary links or buttons. This leaves the visitors with only a few choices. Among them:

a.. hit the back button
b. click the close (x) button at the upper right corner
c. click your affiliate link (well and good!)
d. subscribe to your opt-in or feed (also good !)
e. browse your other posts (good)
f. click your adsense ad.(good)

2. Reduce the width of your website or blog. If your site or blog fills the whole viewing space of the computer monitor, chances are your adsense ads won’t get noticed. Your visitor’s eyesight would swing from left to right leaving out your money maker.

You will have to redesign your website. If it’s a blog, change your template to a one or two column blog. There are plenty of free wordpress themes with one or two colums. There are even adsense ready templates which you can try. Did you notice this blog? www.grandstart.com It has only two colums. My other sites are also done in similar fashion.

If you noticed a change in the theme of this site in a few weeks, it means either I have shifted to a more tightened design or a much cleaner and tightened theme. “Always Be Tweaking” to make more money from home.

3. Make your ads stand-out. This is where color plays a significant role. The color of the ads, the background, the theme, etc. You have to test which color combination works best. “Always Be Testing
to make money at home.

My sites have done well with these color combination:

make money online blue

I have other sites with the red font which also made well:

make money online red

What would be the results of applying this tighten the page technique? Scroll up and see the title of this post. Yes, 20-30% CTR. At least, that’s for my sites. There are sites of mine that get me as much as 50% and some 10%.

Ahh! Would that make you an adsense millionaire now? Whew! “traffic + conversion = money” You still need loads of traffic to get a decent income. And yes, improving your CTR is the conversion part of the equation. The big bang is still traffic. But why wait for your traffic to explode when you can improve your earnings right now with the same volume of visitors by applying these simple tweaks?


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