John Chow Is Dead!

If Google is life, then John is dead, at least for the past two days. He is no longer on page 1 of the search results for the keyword “make money online”. Not even on page 2 or 3. I googled the keyword this morning to search for his site and yes I found him on page 6, claiming the no 61 slot. Who cares for that position?

What went wrong? Did he violate some rules of the King Google? Did the King changed its algorithm? That we will know when the dust has settled. For now we can only speculate.

For those who don’t know. John Chow is an internet money maker. He stole the “make money online” scene when, out of nowhere, he snatch the no.1 position of that keyword in Google’s search results. My! If you want to appear on the first page of the paid results, that keyword or phrase is worth at least $3 per click. That’s how important the slot is.

His site started making money on September 2006, earning a measly $352.94. But wait, the following month it rose to $1,361.64, then $2,139.93 in November and by April this year, it got $11,702.66.

This could be attributed to his genius. I wonder if there are other people who could claim originality of the “I love Darren Rowse” ad at It is John Chow’s. He also popularized the “review my blog” concept, wherein his readers would appraise, analyze or comment about his site and in exchange for that review; he would put a link of your site in his page. Well, link exchange has been here for a while but John revolutionized it. And if you know SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you should understand how important it is to get links from popular sites.

He also popularized the “make food online” blog >:) He, He. Well, that’s what I observed in his site lately. He’s been blogging about the places where he has been and shows you the sumptuous food he enjoyed. I asked? John, where is the information on how to make money online?

But hold on. John released his ebook and it’s for free. C’mon, grab it. In that ebook he reveals his techniques on how to make money by blogging. Thanks John.

In that ebook he also made fun of the OTO strategy made by internet marketers. OTO stands for One-Time-Offer. It is tactic popularized by McDonald’s. Did you remember that additional French Fries you got when you ordered your Big Mac? Marketers call that an upsell – a strategy to wring more profits from your buyers. But in John’s Free ebook there is no OTO. John used the ebook to employ the conventional viral marketing strategy which is quite common in the internet marketing universe.

Now, are you wondering why he got abandoned to page 6 of Google? I have some thoughts. He carried his anchor text too far.

An anchor text is the word or phrase that composes a link to another webpage. Search engines look at the anchor text and read it as an indication of what the target page is about. So if you want your page to be understood by Google as an internet marketing site then use that keyword as an anchor text.

What about John Chow’s? I think he overused the keyword “make money online” (I did not use it as an anchor text to his site as that would put another nail to the coffin). (No this is not part of his review my blog!)

His “review my blog” is already on batch 77. And at 10 sites per batch that made him 770 backlinks for the keyword. 770 in just a few weeks! No wonder King Google read it as bombing.

This was also the experience of Michael Cheney. His anchor text then was “internet marketing” and he bombed Google with that anchor text. The result? Mike’s site was sent to the grave.

The lesson for us is clear. If you do anchor text, then do it gradually so as not to alert the robots. Yes, the robots. The culprit is not Sergey Brin or Larry Page. Don’t get personal.

But then Google is just part of the Traffic game. There are 4 sources of traffic. And while Google traffic is great, it’s no longer that magnificent. Web 2.0 traffic is rolling!


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