4 Easy Steps To Get Your Brand New Site Indexed By Google In 4 days.

Like it or not Google is THE search engine. Don’t think of optimizing your site for Yahoo or MSN anymore. (I wonder what strategies Jerry Yang and the MSN guys are doing to stop their slide to ignominy.

According to Hitwise (www.hitwise.com), Google’s share of the market is now 64%, with Yahoo 22% and MSN at 9%. The rest is shared by the dozens of other search engines.

So, that makes Google your search engine of choice if you want your site to be seen, get visitors and make money online. I catch 82% of my search traffic from Google and only 9% from Yahoo and 3% from MSN (3 of my 5 sites get page 1 from MSN).

So how do you get your website into the Google search engine quickly? These are the steps I follow when I’m launching a new niche site:

Opps… Don’t… Don’t…Don’t submit your site to Google Add URL (www.google.com/addurl). Yes, you can also get your site indexed by using that service but you have to wait for 2 or 3 months. We’re talking here of 4 days.

1. Make a sitemap of your site. A sitemap is a file with an XML extension. It lists the links of your pages in your website. To create a sitemap, go to http://www.xml-sitemaps.com. Yes it’s free! Download the sitemap to your PC then upload it to your site’s root directory.

2. Submit the sitemap to Google and have it verified. Go to http://www.google.com/webmasters/ and log in using your Google account. If you don’t have an account, get one, it’s free. Type the full URL in the “Add Site” box and click OK. Click the “Add Sitemap” link. Select “Add General Web Sitemap” in the dropdown box. Add the full URL of your site in the box provided. Click “Add Web Sitemap” button and there you are, you have added a sitemap.

In the same Google page http://www.google.com/webmasters/ . Have your site verified.

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3. Add your website URL to your Google personalized homepage. Go to http://www.google.com/ig and add the URL of your website. You should notice the following images appear on your screen:

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4. Submit your website to the big web 2.0 content sites. digg.com, reddit.com, craigslist.com, netscape.com are some of the major players in the user defined content sites we call web 2.0. If you have a blog, www.pingoat.com is great place to start. Well, technorati.com is already included in pingoat’s submission. The traffic of these sites is astonishing and Google spiders crawl these sites continuously.

There you are, only 4 easy steps and you’re into Google’s index. Remember though that this technique will only tell the search engine that your website exists. Getting to page 1 or 2 of the search results is a different thing. We would need another blog post at http://www.grandstart.com/ to accomodate the techniques I use to get to page 1 of some of my sites in the search results.

Oh, by the way, after 3 days go back to Google and check, there are reports of sites being indexed in just 3 days by following the techniques I mentioned.


    1. Hi, No, SEO doesn’t cost anything, It’s how you onargize and structure your site so that the search engine spiders come to your site and index it so that people can find it. Since there are billions of websites out there, you may get listed but you’ll probably just be added to the bottom of the list unless you use search engine optimization. The way to optimize your site is to use the right keyword-focused content. If you want to know what that entails, here’s an article that explains it:There are ways to pay Google to get to the top of the list but you would be clearly marked as an advertiser and therefore, you probably wouldn’t get clicked on as often as the unpaid listings. I don’t have stats to back that up but it makes sense, doesn’t it? Who willingly listens to an advertiser? Best Regards,Healthy Mom

    1. I’ll divide this in part to asewnr you question better.1. Search engine optimizationWorks by slowly bringing your website to the top of the search engines. I really suggest you read this. It solved all the doubts I had as a newbie:2. Paying for itYou can pay a company to do SEO for you. If you do it yourself it’s free but hard work.3. Paying GoogleGoogle can’t be bribed for SEO. You can bribe them with AdWords It’s their alternative to SEO that gets you to the top of the listings.4. Long TermNo, it won’t stay there forever. You need to work on keeping the ranking there. Plus, competition and algorithm (the Google algorithm that defines who’s at the top of the SE) changes can affect your position.

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