127 Visitors In 96 Minutes

I discovered a web 2.0 tool which literally blew me away. It sent dozens of visitors to my new site almost instantly. And it’s Free. Wow! You can’t do that in web 1.0 days or whatever you call in my internet marketing days before.

I tested this tool for my newly minted health site. (Didn’t I tell you that health and personal development area is a great niche?). Well, about an hour an a half ago, I posted an article then submitted the link to this web 2.0 site. In a couple of minutes I noticed my statistics counter started ticking. My! How fast!

As I write this post, it’s 130 visitors. I wonder what would be the total number of visitors at the end of the day. That is why I hastily made this post to share this tool. Quick! Go to www.onlywire.com.

If you did not know yet, web 2.0 is today’s wave. According to Geoffrey Moore (Inside The Tornado and Crossing The Chasm) the technology boom comes in waves. If you want to make money online, you must be aware of the wave and know when to ride.

Yes, it’s only traffic, there’s no money in there yet. The next thing you have to do is convert those visitors into buyers, loyal subscribers or evangelists of your website.

In my succeeding posts, I will discuss how to effectively capture that throng of visitors and make money online.

The picture below shows 127 unique visitors with 157 page views.

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