Do You Ask These Questions When Your Website Is Not Making Money?

You may have put up a site a month or two months ago, posted some contents, linked to other websites, did some search engine marketing and still your site is not making money.

You are frustrated. The promise of an internet lifestyle did not come. The hope of becoming an internet millionaire is vanishing.

Don’t be miserable. I have been there. 98% of internet marketers have all been there before.

You might want to print out the following list and check where your website failed. Once you have identified the problem, go troubleshoot it right away.

I divided them into 2 categories to keep you in perspective of our formula: “Traffic + Conversion = Money”

A. Traffic

1. Is there a market for your product or service? Are there enough people who are the prospective buyers of your product or service? Do they have the buying power? The quickest way to determine the volume of potential buyers is by using a keyword tool and check whether people are searching for the solution your product or service is dealing with.

My favorite resource for this job is the keyword tool (sorry, the link is no longer working). Some marketers determined that in order to be profitable, a keyword should have at least 30,000 searches per month. Others experienced profitability even at 8,000 searches per month. Sub-niche marketers even have lower numbers, 3,000-5,000 searches per month.

2. Is there enough traffic coming to your site? While there may be thousands of people searching for that keyword or phrase you have chosen, were they able to see your site in the search engines? What marketing efforts have you implemented to pull people to your website?

If you are getting only 100 visitors you will not make money from your site. Sad, but it’s the truth. Be patient though and continue to drive traffic to your website. Don’t start to revise or tweak your site yet at this stage. You can begin evaluating the effectiveness of your site once the number of unique visitors reaches at least 800-1000.

3. Are the visitors coming to your site targeted? You should check where the visitors are coming from. Google analytics,, are among the tools that will help you analyze the quality of your visitors. Are they coming from search engines, referral sites or pay-per-click (PPC)?

You can get hundreds of visitors from referral sites but most of the time this traffic is not targeted. Visitors coming from search engines are semi-targeted. While those coming from pay-per-click are the most targeted.

PPC is the most effective way to drive targeted traffic but it would cost you an arm to implement. If you are already driving a thousand visitors to your site thru PPC and still not making money, then most likely the problem is your website. Which brings us to examine your site…

B. Conversion

Is your sales letter effective? I may not be a copywriter but I have seen, read and studied hundreds of sales letters on the web. And I know when I see a compelling copy.

Study the following successful sales letters: Michel Fortin wrote the sales letter for Traffic Secrets of John Reese in which John made $1M in less than 24 hours. Butterfly Marketing letter was written by Mike Filsaime himself with some contribution from Michel Fortin. Paul Myers wrote Mark Joyner’s Farewell Package.

Frank Kern hired Harlan Kilstein to write the sales letter of the Serializer seminar. Harlan also wrote the letter for Rich Schefren’s coaching program which made $3.5M in a week. Jeff Walker did Product Launch Formula letter. Mike Morgan wrote Joint Venture Formula copy.

1. Does your headline grab people’s eyeballs? Remember that the headline is an ad of the sub-headline. If you can’t get them to read the headline then, there is no way they will read the rest of the letter.

Study the font size and color of the successful headlines. Some marketers say that the times new roman font is a loser and georgia is a winner.

For longer headlines the first 3 words are the real attention-grabbers. If the first words capture the readers, they would likely read on.

2. Do you have testimonials? This is one of the most powerful selling tools. A recommendation from a respected person in the industry brings in tons of sales. Well, you may be wondering who would provide testimonials if your site or product is new.

Why not ask testimonials from your friends after giving away your product to them for free? They could provide a few words to say on how good the product worked for them.

3. Do you provide a guarantee? You should remove the buying risk and let the buyer feel comfortable by giving a guarantee. Assure them that if they’re not satisfied they can send the product back and get a refund.

In the studies conducted, the longer guarantee resulted in more sales and less refunds. That is, a 90-day guarantee brings in more sales than a 30-day guarantee.

4. What about the price? Is it too high that your target market can’t afford? Or is it too low that they might be suspicious that your product is just plain crap? Feel the pulse of what the market would pay for a comparable item.

Check the websites of 4 or 5 competitors and see how much they are charging for a similar offer. That way you could get a feel of the right pricing strategy for your product or service.

5. Is your sales letter clean and tight? Remove anything that disrupts your reader’s attention other than the offer. Remove links to other sites, banners, ads, articles and adsense. Keep the reader focused on buying the product or service.

When writing your sales letter consider this revelation from the Eyetrack III researchers: “Smaller type encourages focused viewing behavior while larger type promotes lighter scanning.” What this means is that people would only scan a page if it has a larger type and would focus more reading if it has a smaller type.

6. What about the ordering and payment process? Is it easy to navigate? If you use a third party processor then that would not be much of a problem. I personally use The Paypal order and payment process is also fast. I haven’t tried 1shoppingcart but I guess it’s also a good one. A lot of Internet Marketers are using it.

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