Forums – Make Money Online With Them In 7 Easy Steps

Are you a lurker? I mean, are you hanging around inside your favorite forums, reading threads and posts without contributing? Now it’s time to fill out that registration box, put your contact details and participate in the discussions.

Making money with forums is one of the most neglected ways to make money at home. But it is extremely effective and could bring in instant cash into your pocket. If you are already a member in one of the forums, then the easier and quicker it is for you to start this money making strategy. Here are the steps:

1. Find your forums. For this, go immediately to There you can find high trafficked forums. has the largest list of the most active forums on the web. Almost all topics your mind can imagine are there.

Another way to find forums is to use Google. Yes, the mighty search engine of choice. Go to and type the your keyword and forum. For example, if you’re looking for forums related to video games, you will type ‘[video games forum”.

2. Contribute in the discussions. If you’re a new member, try to throw in something valuable in the discussions. Give something meaty, something that would be of use to the participants. A free report related to the topic discussed is the best strategy here. Don’t just butt in and shamelessly sell your product or service.

3. Determine the need. As always, start with the need. What’s hot in the discussions? What is it that forum members have always been discussing? Clearly, the more interest there is in the topic the more likely you’ll be able to sell something in that particular topic. Find what problem people are passionate about.

There was one guy named Kacper Postawski from Poland. He was a member of a self-improvement forum. He saw an opportunity when a thread discussing how to sleep less and still have more energy emerged. What he did was he bought a book on insomnia, absorbed the concepts and wrote his own ebook. He immediately filled the need and the result was a website called where he became an instant millionaire. Wow!

4. Find PLRs and convert it into an ebook. PLR means private label rights. With PLRs you have full-control and sometimes unrestricted rights to do whatever you want to the product or content. I have some sources of PLR where I go if I need content. It’s at easyplr and nichecontent.

Well, if you’ve been with internet marketing for six months, I guess there are tons of PLRs sitting in your hard disk. Dust them off and see which of these you can use. Make sure to read the “fine print” of the PLR ebook or articles that you bought. Look at the limitations.

5. Revise the PLR product. After substantially, modifying the PLR product, you can put your name to it as the author. Repackage them quickly and make them more attractive. If it’s an ebook or software, make an eye-catching cover for it. Hire a Photoshop kid to make this for you.

A few months back, I bought software which could convert plain image into an ebook cover. It was some sort of an action script for Photoshop. Now I have beautiful covers for my ebooks. You know, buyers almost always judge an ebook by its e-cover. So have stunning e-covers.

If you have two or more PLR products for the same topic, you can combine these two to make one large ebook. This would add more value to your product and more unique from the original. One more way to make a PLR ebook unique is to split them up and sell them as small reports. You then can have 4-5 short reports for that specific topic and a totally unique product.

6. Set-up your website. It would be best to register your own specific domain just for this new product of yours. The cost is below $9 anyway. After registering your domain, find a host for your website. This would usually cost $3 per month. I personally use hostgator which charges $9.95 per month for unlimited number of domains.

The fastest way to set up a site is using WordPress blog. You can then set-up your sales letter here. Sign-up for a paypal or 2checkout account, upload your newly minted product, and you’re ready to sell.

7. Promote. A subtle way of promoting your new product in forums is by using the signature. Most forums permit you to set-up a signature which is exhibited below each post you make.

If the forum owners allow html in the signature line then that would be great as you can then describe your product with a link to your website. For example, if I am in a make money online forum , I could use the signature line hard core strategies to make money online with a link to

If only the domain name is allowed then, a very fitting domain name is unbeatable. Say, if you’re in a dog forum. It speaks for itself. Right? So, choose domain names intelligently.

Signature tags were extremely successful in drawing users to click and go after your link. Recent studies however, revealed that forum members have become signature blind. They take no notice of it anymore. There are only a few instances where people follow the links like the signature link of a guru or an expert in a specific subject.

In these cases, you have to mention your website in the posts. You may say that a free report is available if they sign-up to your newsletter. Or you can say up front what your site is about.

Another good technique is called Oh Yeah approach. This is when after the last line of your post you say: “P.S. Oh yeah, I almost overlook this, if you like more information about how to do it quickly check out“.


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