3 Things That Prevent People To Make Money Online

I’ve surveyed my subscribers, asked dozens of internet marketers and gathered that there are basically 3 things that stopped people to make money online:

1. Picking a good niche. Choose a bad niche and you’re dead right from the start. In picking a good niche there are essentially 3 things to look for:

a. Demand – Establish if there are enough people looking for your chosen niche. Use a keyword selector tool to determine the number of searches. I personally use this keyword tool. It’s way way better than overture and most of the available tools. It’s Free!

b. Competition – This is a good indicator of a good niche. You want competition but not too many. Also, don’t compete with giants in your chosen area. Instead, go to niches where these guys avoid. Small niches are not profitable to the big guys. You can pick that niche. If you are using the keyword selector tool, then the data under “Google Results” is your competition.

c. Money Potential – One way to quickly check if you can make money from home with a niche is the number of advertisers. Search Google for you chosen keyword and check if there are advertisers (It’s at the right side of the search results). You can also check if there are related products at clickbank.com or at cj.com.

2. Creating content for that niche. You don’t have to do it all. You can get content easily and quickly by having them done by other people. You can go to elance.com, guru.com, rentacoder.com, scriptlance.com and submit your needs.

Another way is going to public domain sites like Gutenberg.com. There you will find information that is freely available to the public. There are thousands of books available where you can get your free content.

A third source for content is PLR or Private Label Rights. With PLR content, you can literally do whatever you like with it. Be sure to check how many of these materials have already been distributed. Revise the materials, repackage, update then put your name on it.

Dozens of PLR sites have already flooded the internet. Name your niche and almost always a PLR content is available. I always go to easyplr and nichecontent for my PLR needs.

3. Technical details. How do I FTP? HTML or PHP? How do I create an affiliate link? Payment processing? How do I ping my blog? What are backlinks? SEO? What is an autoresponder?

These are some of the technical details that instantly stop people from pursuing their internet businesses. If you have a clear business model to follow, this would not be a problem as you can easily hire somebody to do these annoying technical details for you.

You can easily get sidetracked if you do the technicals yourself. Focus on what makes money online. And in your case it is marketing your business.


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