Stop What You Are Doing And Start Making Money Now!

The secret to making money online is implementation. You’ve read enough, studied enough. Start now!

If you’ve been online for six months, you have probably accumulated tons of ebooks and dozens of software sitting in your computer. Stop chasing the newest strategy, seminar or the latest technique. Start Now!

Don’t collect more information. What you got from this site is even enough. How many newsletters do you read everyday urging you to buy this and that? Unsubscribe from them. Start to make money online now!

I have identified the top 4 ways of making money in the internet. The easiest and fastest to set-up is adsense. However, affiliate marketing will bring in more money than adsense. And if you’ve picked some programs with recurring affiliate payments, the better for you.

To summarize the 6 steps to affiliate marketing success:

  1. Pick a profitable market
  2. Look for affiliate programs with the hottest products in that market.
  3. Make a series of follow messages and load them into the autoresponder.
  4. Create a special report in PDF format.
  5. Build you site, blog or squeeze page.
  6. Drive traffic to that site.

Now that you have these six steps, break them down into smaller activities and put schedules.

If you’re a morning person, one whose burst of energy is during daytime, then your first activity of the day should be to work on the steps above.

Don’t check you emails, AdSense and stats. Don’t start browsing, reading your favorite news, sites, etc. unless you have completed the job for the day. OK?

Start NOW!

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