How To Dominate Google With Your Article Writing

Do you like to get two slots in Google’s top ten results? Then follow closely as we’ll uncover some of the secrets of those who make money online smartly.

Read on as I illustrate how to do it and start to make money from home.

Say that after following the steps in affiliate marketing success, you have chosen to promote the ebook “12 hour cure for yeast infection“. (By the way this ebook is Clickbank’s number one product in the health & fitness category and remedies sub-category)

Then you’ve followed steps 3, 4 & 5 of the steps to money-making affiliate marketing. Now you are ready to drive traffic to your site.

What you will be implementing is a free traffic generation technique that will guarantee you a page one placement in Google’s search results

We are talking of article marketing. Article writing. But this is not the ordinary article writing and marketing as you know it.

Open your keyword selector tool. Your aim is to select long-tail keywords which have minimal competition then write articles using the selected long-tail keywords.

In the keyword research tool, type the broad keyword “yeast infection”.

As I tried this, these are the results:

affiliate marketing

You can try to use a couple of these keywords:

“natural remedy for yeast infection”
Monthly search = 10,642
Google Results = 9,950


“home remedy for yeast infection”
Monthly search = 4.403
Google Results = 9,740

Google results are the number of competing pages for the optimized search phrase.

If you have noticed, these two long-tail keywords matched the headline of the sales letter of the ebook you are about to promote. The headline says: “Natural Cure for Yeast Infection”

Now, get to work and write articles using the keywords we have identified. Be sure to put the exact long-tail keywords in the title of the article. Say, “Discover a Natural Remedy for Yeast Infection”.

If your fingers begin to freeze because writing is not your strong suit, then go to,, or have a high school neighbor write them for you.

Your target is getting to page one of Google’s search results by using articles. In order to do this, you have to submit the article you have written to To alone, and no other directory. If you didn’t know, Google plays some favorites and the article directory is one them.

Next, sign-up with and submit your two articles. The first article using the keyword “natural remedy for yeast infection” and the second using “home remedy for yeast infection”.

Well, if you’ve picked five of these long-tail keywords, then submit five articles. One for each long-tail keyword. The point is to optimize your articles with each of the keywords.

Now to dominate page one of Google you have to set up 2 accounts with Yes, using a second account submit another article (repeat, a totally different article) with the same exact long-tail keyword in the title.

When somebody googles for that particular keyword you are optimizing, what happens is that instead of one article appearing on page one of Google, the two articles come out listed on Google’s top ten. Cool!

It basically doubled your claim of Google’s page one real estate.

In my early days with article marketing, I submitted articles bearing my true identity. Although I still submit some articles with my own name in it but the bulk of them are submitted using pen names. Very handy. One good thing with using this strategy is that your competitors will not be able to track you and what niches you are further involved with.

One thing though with, just make sure your articles are of good quality as they are approved not by robots but by the staff of Chris Knight.