How To Find What People Want

“Find out what people want and give it to them”. Few words but they form the foundation of a successful make money online business.

Some of my internet marketing friends who have been doing make money at home businesses are doing this by conducting surveys, asking subscribers, going to forums and browsing article directories.

Well, if you find those things overwhelming, relax as there’s a lot of help coming.

Let’s start with This is a site where members answer the question, “What do you want with your life?” It’s a nice site.

As I wrote this there were 1,172.472 people in 13,408 cities revealing what they want to do. Some of the “wants” I discovered were: get out of debt, save money, lose 20 pounds, create computer game, quit smoking, write a book, and much much more. Amazing!

To get new selections, just click the refresh button of your firefox or internet explorer and new selections will be highlighted.

You can then jot down these selections and keep them for further probing later by using our keyword selector tool.

The exercise using “43things” is tremendously effective especially when you’re just starting out, when you are at a loss of what is it you are going to start.

The other ways which I also recommend in how to find a profitable market are also great places to start. They include ehow, amazon, meet-up, hobbies list, Wikipedia and mygoals.

You can also try and browse for smaller and specialized publications. There’s a bulky selection of craft magazines. People simply love their hobbies and crafts make a big part of it.

Now, how about One of the internet originals. It’s the site where millions of people are searching, looking for things that they want. A large part of the things being searched at ebay are physical products.

But do you know that Ebay publishes a report of what products are in high demand? Check out These are the products that are receiving a ton of bids. This is an exceptionally useful list. Download it!

Have you tried going to You’ll be stunned as you will discover not only the products that are hotly searched but also the keywords! Unbelievable.

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