What Do You Get If YOU Are On Page 1 Of Google?

Page 1 gets 85% of the Google Traffic. That is, if the keyword, for example is “make money at home” which gets 24,443 searches monthly, page 1 captures about 20,777 of those.

How much of the 85% clicks your site depends on whether you are on the “super hot area” or on the “hot area”.

make money at home

The top 3 results fall under the “super hot area” while the top 5 results under the “hot area”. The “super hot area” (boxed in red above) captures 60% of the 85% page 1 visitors mentioned in our example above.

From the above example, this would amount to 12,477 visitors per month which would likely click on any of the top 3 spots (super hot area).

Now, how many will click the top 1 spot as against the top 2 and 3? The information available varies as the clicks are affected or influenced by how good your TITLE is.

Example, if you’re on the bed mattress niche and you’re on the top 1 and your TITLE is “welcome to the bed mattress site” and I’m number 2 and my Title is “Get your FREE report on how to choose bed mattress!” which site do you think the visitor will click? The top 1 or 2?

What I’m driving at is the importance of getting to page 1 of Google. (Visitors coming from search engines are mostly targeted traffic). While it is now extremely hard to get that position in the main keywords, you can get to page 1 by optimizing for the long tail keyword phrases.

Long tail keywords are those 3-5 phrases which are extremely specific to whatever you are selling, promoting or writing about.

Oh, by the way, this site, www.grandstart.com is on page 1 (number 9) of the keyword phrase “make money at home”. Not on the “hot area” yet but it also gets some traffic from wanderers.

This site also draws traffic from the tons of long-tail keywords associated with “make money online”, like “how to make money online”, “how to make money”, “start to make money online”, etc.