18 Websites That Tell YOU What People Want

What do people want? This has always been the eternal question of marketers. Knowing what people want would blow away each and every marketer. Just look at the amount of money and effort marshaled towards market research.

Now, these websites provide us a view of people’s wants, needs, and desires. This is unprecedented in human history wherein we can peek into what people really want. Surveys and polls may provide us with answers but we know that the response of people to surveys is quite different from what’s really playing in their minds.

Some of these sites may not be new to you but who knows if you have really dug dip into these sites. So here they are quickly:
1. 43 Things


I start with this site simply because it’s my favorite. Members answer the question “What do you want to do with your life?” As of this writing 1,261,552 people in 13,804 cities responded and wrote down what they want to do.

Tons and tons of ideas of what people want to do. “learn to cook” “write a book” “exercise more” “learn to make layouts” “visit Italy” are some of the things that appears. Just keep on refreshing the page to generate new ideas.

2. Amazon Magazines & Newspapers


I would say the world’s biggest online bookstore is also the world’ biggest newspaper and magazine store. Checkout what’s hot in the magazines.

Also, you can browse amazon’s most wished gifts.

3. ASK Top Searches


Formerly AskJeeves. ASK is still hot with its list of top searches.

4. AOL Hot Searches


This old online giant would not be left behind.

5. Dummies


The series of dummies book publishes popular subjects.

6. Barnes & Noble


The Amazon competitor. A list of top 10 books on every subject imaginable.

7. Ebay Hot Page


The biggest auction site has a list of what people are buying. Also, the site publishes a report of what products are on hot demand. Please download at

8. Ehow

The site has a tremendous amount of information on how-to topics. You can browse what particular topics people are interested in.

9. Hobbies List

The things that people love. Popular hobbies are listed in alphabetical order. Among them: amateur radio, American football, body art piercing tattoos, die cast toys, paragliding, flower arranging, rock climbing, UFO, embroidery, etc.

10. Indeed Job Trends

Haven’t heard of this site? Indeed. Well, the site indexes over 50 million jobs a year from the thousands of websites that it keeps track. You can search the archive to see the trend of the particular job you are looking.

11. Lycos 50

Poker, golf, naruto, fashion, spyware, Halloween are listed as among the movers and shakers. Check the site.

12. Meetup

Whatever your interest. Wherever you are. The site tells you precisely what topics are hot and what topics are growing. I didn’t know that the 60’s music is in the top list of growing topics followed by adult swimming. Great info here.

13. Shopping.com

What else? Are you still surprised? The site starts with a question: What are you shopping for? Popular topics include shoes, computers, electronics, home and garden, health and kids.

14. Wikipedia List of Hobbies

The site that dominates the Google search results. The enemy of SEO experts. Wikipedia. Hundreds and hundreds of hobbies are listed. Dare to know what is herpetoculture? How about falconry? Or GPS drawing? Try this site.

15. Yahoo Buzz

Can I forget Alexa’s number 1? Yahoo buzz lists the site’s top overall searches. It also has a list of leaders and Movers.

16. Google Trends

Hey if there’s Yahoo, Google is also there. Hot trends is formerly Zeitgeist.

17. Blogpulse Trends

Talking about trends. BlogPulse is asking what’s the buzz? The site identifies the subjects, topics and issues that are extremely hot in the blogs.

18. 43 Things Zeitgeist
A good site deserves a second mention. But this a different page. This time the site is giving away the number of people with every popular goals.

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