Virtually Foolproof Method In Choosing Slam Dunk Markets

In the article “6 steps to money making affiliate marketing” I pointed out that the market should be your first consideration. Start with a losing market and your dead!

Putting the market first almost always guarantee you to make money online. I made 3 articles on this subject:

  1. How to find what people want
  2. Use this keyword tool to find profitable markets
  3. How to find a profitable market

    YOU want more! Right?

    Well, Terry Dean shared this interview with a coaching client who has profited from 17 different markets. Repeat, 17 different markets. If you don’t know Terry, he’s a former $8 an hour pizza delivery driver who went to earning a high six figure online income without any employees. He went full-time on the internet way way back in 1996.

    Terry is one of the guys I admire together with Jimmy Brown and Ryan Healy. They don’t hide their religious convictions. And among the few that can be trusted online.

    The interview is about a virtually foolproof method in choosing slam dunk markets. If you’re into basketball, you know what is slam dunking, an almost impossible to block shot.

    Here’s what I lifted from the salesletter:

    • 7 Ways to Find products that are ALREADY selling in the marketplace…know before you start if there is money there.
    • Exactly where to look for FREE to find out just how much online interest is in that subject.
    • Whether to choose a tiny little niche or a mass market product (Here’s a little hint: Contrary to what many marketing gurus may tell you, he is currently involved in both!).
    • A simple method of finding mass market best selling items just waiting to be shared with the online world.
    • How to become a marketing mindreader where you know in detail what your prospects want to buy even before they do.
    • How to launch a product profitably from day one, because you have the heartbeat of the entire market.
    • The exact numbers to look for to determine a profitable market for YOU (Yes, that’s right – what you want may not be right for me).
    • How to Not get faked out by the competition – Like any good poker player, they might not be showing you their whole hand.

    The good thing about this MP3 interview and transcript is that it’s only 7 dollars. A trip to the pizza shop would cost more and even add more transfat to your body.

    You can even sell this product and get 100% commission. (Was it Jonathan Leger who invented the $7 script that made this 100% commission much easier?)

    Click here to start finding the slam dunk profitable markets

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