Digging Some Old Wells

Repurposing and profiting from your old content.

Did the Laziness Bug bit you lately? Oh, if you have been writing and publishing content for quite sometime, chances are, you have already bumped into this bug.

Once this bug bits you, you can’t lift a finger to fire your keyboard. Writing becomes a bore and your creative power seems to melt.

It’s okay to just wait. But what if you need to produce some stuff to sell? Aghh!

Well, why don’t you try digging some old wells? I mean clicking some old folders in your hard drive to look for some content you have previously published or sold.

If you have a published an ebook before, why don’t you turn this into an audio version? Have somebody read the contents of your ebook and turn it into an MP3 file. If you feel that your voice is enjoyable to listen to, then there’s no need to go to elance.com or guru.com to outsource the reading of your content.

This time you have two versions of your content. The first one is the ebook and the second one is the MP3.

(Do you know that there are people who would prefer listening the contents of the book than read them?)

You then repackaged the product. Create a new ecover for the ebook and the MP3 file then sell the two versions.

You can even offer the MP3 file as a stand-alone product. Voila!

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