The 3 Powerful Web Pages YOU Must Create

The Branding Page. This is where you show to your visitors what you know. This is where they get to know your credentials, what you have accomplished and what you can do to help them. You can  post some customer testimonials in this page.  Share what you know to your visitors by posting some articles. Help them solve their problems through the articles. Share some stories of people or companies you have helped.

The Salesletter. After getting a grip of who you are through the branding page, your readers may be interested in the product or service you are offering. You can drive them to your salesletter. If you don’t know salescopy,  have some professional copywriter do your salesletter.

The Squeeze Page. I think it was Jonathan Mizel who coined this name. Some call them lead capture page.  Now, of the 3 pages I have mentioned, this could be the most powerful. Why? This is where you collect customer information. Once you have their names and addresses, you can build up relationships with your subscribers and recommend them your products, services or even related offers from other sellers, some call them affiliate programs. You need an autoresponder for this. You have to know email marketing to fully utilize your autoresponder. You also need a giveaway to entice them to sign up.

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