How To Rank High On Google’s Latest Update


Have you noticed in your effort to rank high on Google, your hard pumping of  backlinks would no longer get you to the top of Google for your selected keyword? Well, the reason is that Google have again recalibrated their algorithms.

It used to be that the formula was simple, the classic SEO formula: optimize your website then pour truckloads of incoming anchor text links to it. Then bingo!

I’ve looked through this latest algorithm, Caffeine and Panda/Farmer combined and came up with this Google formula:

Blog Content  +  Incoming Links  +  Blog  Activity  = High Rank

Blog Content
Make sure your blog does not have the crappy junky content. Google has purged its search results and has pushed down to the dregs sites that contain recycled, duplicate articles and PLRs. Even major sites like and the New York Times owned were also slapped by this Google change. Still, original articles count best.

Incoming links
Well, since the disenfranchisement of the article directories, with the granddaddy leading the pack, followed by, and dozens of directories, it’s safe to say that submitting articles to these sites will not work anymore. Article marketing to drive traffic still works but not as SEO strategy.

Your articles could better be used at since this site is one of the biggest gainers in this Google Panda update. Since Google slapped the sites with crappy, spammy contents, then it follows that you have to avoid getting your backlinks from there.

Blog Activity
Consider this, how can a website with 5,000-10,000 backlinks not have visitors? Huh?  There is a mystery. And Google knows this. It’s not blind. In fact it has plenty of eyes. It has analytics which tracks site visits, it has feedburner, it owns Google reader. In short, Google knows if your site has real visitors. So sites with real visitors get a thumbs up from Google.

Remember this formula to rank high on Google’s latest update.



  1. Hmm great formula you got their…But what happens if your site is new? Okay you have a couple backlinks to the site about 50, but still don’t have visitors because you not so high up in the rankings ,what happens now? This part really confuses me…


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