Online Marketing and The Best Sources of Leads

About five years ago website traffic came only from a few sources. Well, five years of internet time would equal to half a century of our normal years, huh? Think of dog-years.

That was long long ago. And back then you have article directories, traffic exchanges, content aggregators, online advertising and of course the mother lode, the search engines.

Based on my experience, most of the quality leads then came from the search engines, followed by those that came from the online ads. That is why most of the marketers then were going gaga over search engine optimization. They want their sites on the first page of the search engine results.

It’s 2011 and the web has significantly shifted. In fact Chris Anderson of Wired said that the Web is dead. Whatever he means by that. But fact is, in terms of traffic, some of your useful sources then had dried up.

Think of, it was a spring that continuously poured out visitor after visitor to the websites of article marketers. But after Google squeezed and plugged the cracks of the article directories, the traffic of thousands of websites went downhill.

Online advertising went expensive and the affiliate commissions could no longer be justified by the pricey cost per click.

Now, what have you got there? Any new sources of traffic? In my next post, I will detail some sources of traffic which are great sources of your leads.

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  1. First of all, I suggest you can sumibt to any free directory you can find. I usually type into Google something like Add url to multiple search directories and get a ton of pages that will add your link to chunks of search engines at the same time. The reality here is that you want to be found in as many places as possible.Then when it comes to placing into good directories, pick and choose those relevant to your content. Being that you have a movie news and joke site, try finding advertising space on popular movie cinema sites like, the site for famous players, maybe some other smaller less known movie theaters, or even see if you can land a spot in a movie and entertainment magazine. On the flip side, you could also put advertisements and into joke directories, comedy clubs etc. As long as it is relevant to your content and looks professional, you shouldn’t get too many people saying you are spamming. Do it with style and taste then be patient. It takes awhile to build up traffic and a loyal customer base.Hope these tips help!

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