How To Be First In Google And Profit From The Searches

Here’s one tip on how to be first in Google search results. If you can duplicate this practice,  tons of your pages will, most likely, get to the top of Google.

It is common understanding among search engine experts that what Google wants now is a website that is not only relevant to the search but also focused on answering specific needs of the searcher.

A friendly website they say.

But what is a friendly website? Some answers may come to your mind like; easy to navigate or move around. (Yeah, it’s quite frustrating when there are too many links in the page, too many columns and most of all too many ads)

A friendly website also has focused and specific information on a specific question that the searcher is looking for. Say, “is krill oil good for the heart?” and not a discussion of the different kinds of oils.

What specific fruits have a high glycemic index and may not be eaten by persons suffering diabetes? If your website happens to answer to these specific type of questions, then Google love is not far behind.

Well, I only had a few links to my pages adwords techniques and profitable markets but they are some of my most visited pages in this blog. Why? Because they answer specific needs of the searchers.

To be first in Google search results means that your site is fixed on providing solutions to people’s needs and problems.

That is why the regurgitated articles at got slapped. Many of these articles came from what we call the article milling machine.

Okay? So, how to be first in Google requires that you always keep in mind that what Google wants is a site that is easy to navigate and focused on answering specific needs.

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